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A Simple & Secure Way to Take Control of Your Digital Legacy

  • What Happens to Your
    Online Accounts
    When Something Happens to You?

    If you’re like most people, you have dozens of online accounts, passwords, logins, and files that only you can access. But what if something happened to you? Who would control your digital legacy? It's a modern problem for the internet age, and no real solutions have yet been proposed. Until now.

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Provide Secure Access to Your Files & Data on Your Own Terms

  • Up until now, there has been no simple way to deal with your accounts and data when you are not around to access them, either through an accident, inconvenience, or when you pass away.

    The answer is to provide people you trust with access to your data so they can take a pre-determined action such as using, continuing or deleting your information.

    Doing this securely without compromising your private data is a challenge, and simply handing over your passwords on a piece of paper should not be an option.

    That's why we created memo confido.

    We've come up with a completely secure way to make your data available to trusted people while keeping you always in control.

    Daniel Kersten, Founder
  • Using memo confido, you can easily share access to anything you want to, including:

    • desktop_windows

      Your Electronic Devices

      PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet

    • cloud_queue

      Local or Cloud Files

      Photos, videos, music, documents

    • person_outline

      Accounts & Logins

      Email, social & professional networks, online games

    • attach_money

      Money Assets & Projects

      Blogs, websites, source code, bitcoins, subscriptions

If you don’t like the idea of all of your data and accounts staying in limbo when you cannot access them anymore, memo confido provides a secure way to take control — even when you’re not around.

  • How It Works

    memo confido has been designed to be easy to use by anyone while staying completely secure. Using it can be divided into three simple steps:

    • Step 1:
      Create Memos and Assets
    • Step 2:
      Share Your Memos with Trusted Confidants
    • Step 3:
      Grant Access
      • In your memo confido account, you can create memos containing different assets. You might have one memo for 'Family Members', inside which you create assets for your computer login and your social media accounts.

        For each asset, you can describe what it is, how to access the information (e.g. the password), and what you want them to do with the information (e.g. delete the account).

      • For each memo you create, you can assign one or several confidants.

        You then print an Access Sheet that contains information about how the confidants can access your data in case of emergency using the memo ID and the access code.

        Give this Access Sheet to your confidant and explain what it is. At this stage there is no need for your confidant to open an account.

      • In case of an emergency, confidants can request permission to access your memos. Using the Access Sheet, they follow the simple instructions to create an account and request access.

        You will be notified about their request via email (we might add SMS notifications in the future), and you can then decide whether to allow or refuse access.

        If you do not take any action (e.g. in the case that you have been involved in an accident), access will be auto-approved after the approval period** This is the time you have to decide whether to grant access, and you can set it to any amount you want. Your confidants therefore get access in an emergency, but you always stay in control. has ended.

  • 100% Secure Using End-to-End Encryption

    A service like memo confido only works if it guarantees that your most sensitive details remain completely secure and in your full control. We make sure of this by using end-to-end encryption and a zero-knowledge service design.

    This means nothing leaves your device unencrypted and neither we nor any hackers or governments could ever read your data. Only you and optionally your confidants have the keys to access the contents of your memos.

  • Built on a Strong Foundation

    We use ZeroKit from Tresorit to secure your data. It contains the same technology that Tresorit uses for its own secure cloud storage, trusted by 10.000+ businesses and tested by 1.000+ hackers.

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  • check_circle

    Simple to Use

    memo confido has been designed to be easy to use so that anyone can take advantage of it. Simply sign in on our website, then create, share, and access memos with ease.

  • person_add

    Easy to Share

    You can prepare everything without any hurry and share memos with your confidants without them needing an account. They only need to open an account when they want to access your data.

  • security

    Retain Complete Control

    Only you can provide access to your assets. Set the amount of time you want before auto approving access, then accept or reject requests.

  • important_devices

    Access Anywhere

    Everything happens online via desktop, tablet, or mobile, so you can access your memos and share them with people wherever and whenever you want to.

Sign Up Now to Become a Free Beta User

If you sign up now, you'll receive your beta access code as soon as we're ready. Our service will be free during beta and while we will be charging for it in the future, early beta users will receive a lifetime 50% discount.


We try to answer all the main questions here, but feel free to contact us if you can’t find the answer you're looking for.

  • When will the private beta start and how will I be informed?

    We’re launching the private beta soon. Sign up now to get on the list, and we will inform you via email as soon as it’s ready so you can start using memo confido.

  • Why should I use memo confido?

    Memo confido is a simple and secure way to share your electronic information, files, accounts, logins, and documents with others while ensuring you maintain complete control. If one day you are unable to access your information, perhaps because of an emergency, memo confido allows you to decide in advance what you want to happen to your digital legacy.

  • How much is it?

    Our service is free during private beta. Later on, we will have a simple annual subscription pricing model. The final price has not yet been defined, but as an early beta user you will get a lifetime 50% discount.

  • What information can I store?

    Our service is not designed to store your actual data. You’ll keep everything in its place, locally or in your cloud accounts, so you have no need to store it twice. With memo confido, you will only store the following information for each asset: What it is, how to access it, and what to do with it.

  • How do I update my passwords?

    If you update the passwords of your online accounts or change your logins, you can simply update them in your memos without the need to create a new one. However, we recommend that you use a password manager to store all your passwords and then share the master password on memo confido. That way, you only need to maintain your passwords in one place, and you will not need to update them on memo confido if they change.

  • Can I change the approval period?

    You can set the approval period (the time you have to approve requests to access your assets) to any length of time you want. That way you retain complete control. For example, if you only want people to access your assets in the most serious of circumstances, you could set it to a month.

  • Where are my memos stored?

    memo confido will be hosted on our secure server in Germany so your data is protected by German and EU data privacy law. Not only do we use the highest security standards, but your memos will always leave your device fully encrypted so no one can access your data unless you invite them.

  • Can I withdraw access from someone if I change my mind?

    You have complete control to add people or remove them as you please.